UV400 SunglassesLook into the future of luxury eyewear by Shari Dionne


Black, Blue, Green, Ice Blue, Leopard, Orange, Purple, Tan, White, Red


Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Silver

sharidionneradaclearuv400sunglassesSide view of brown pilot uv400 sunglasses by Shari Dionne. The Motivator shades are for the aviator sunglass lovers

Black, Brown, Clear, Pink


Black, Blackout, Brown


Black, Brown, Gradient, Ice Blue, Silver

About UV400 Sunglasses

UV400 is the category which blocks all light rays with wavelength up to 400 nanometres. Therefore, it is best to invest in sunglasses that are labelled UV400, helps to block 99 to 100% of UV light and protect you and your loved ones’ eyes from UV rays.

To prevent yourself from being a victim of blindness or damage to eyesight, you must take preventive measures. Direct sunlight can be a big issue, especially if you participate in sports such as baseball, golf, or any other surface that doesn’t produce glare. UV400 sunglasses are the perfection option for you to protect your eyes against vertical UV light. Protect your eyes in style with a pair of UV400 shades by Shari Dionne!