What Are UV400 Sunglasses?

The famous saying of Walt Whitman goes as, “Keep your face towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you”. Don’t let the saying fool you because it has a hidden meaning to it, because sunshine can surely affect your eyes. The harmful rays of the sun, namely ultraviolet alpha rays (UVA) and ultraviolet beta rays (UVB) are known to severally affect the eyes, these rays can reflect off of sand and other concrete material. The strong rays can then penetrate through your eyes and can cause damage to the iris and cornea. To prevent yourself from being a victim of blindness or damage to eyesight, you must take preventive measures. It is not that difficult to find a good pair of UV400 glasses, they are just like normal sunglasses with a thin film that blocks the UV beta and alpha rays. This coating is not something that is out of reach, you can shop our website for UV400 sunglasses. Among the variety of UV blocking coating, UV400 is the best one to block 100% of negative UV rays and protect your eyes for a long time. Literally, UV400 refers to the UV ray of lights at the top of the spectrum, these rays have a wavelength of 400 nanometers, and blocking this range of light ensures that all the other harmful rays are also blocked. This means a person is safe even looking directly at the bright sun.

Figure 1 UV400 protection (UVEX)

How Do These Sunglasses Protect From UV Lights?

These glasses have a thin nonreflecting coating over them that prevents the UV rays from penetrating through the lens of the sunglasses or glasses. It should be noted that the continuous infiltration and exposure to sunlight damages the skin causing skin burns and harming the eyes by reducing the ability to see properly. Thus, these glasses serve as a savior of your eyes as they properly filter out the light and allow you to see objects without having harmful light reach your eyes. There are different categories and types of UV glasses that are certified and available in the market. Some of them filters the light by 25%, others by 35%, 40%, 50%, 70%, 85%, and 100%. These are just a few categories of sunglasses that are available, there are many other categories available in the market. However, UV400 are the only glasses that have the capability to filter 100% of the UV rays. They are the best ones that are available on the market, and they provide perfect protection for you. They are capable of blocking even the 400 nm light rays, which are the finest wavelength at the extreme of the sunlight spectrum. This means that it can block all the negative light rays, including the most sensitive ones. Hence, these glasses, typically through the thin film of the alloy prevent any harmful light to reach the eyes.

Figure 2 UV400 marked as blocking all harmful lights (VAIN)

Categories of UV Protection

Many of you may have seen the CE tag on some of the glasses you own. This tag means that your glasses meet the standards of the European Union and have a standard glass that can protect you from harmful sun rays. There are five main categories of UV light protection glasses, each of them has different Visible Light Transmission (VLT) that will be explained one by one. These categories are named CE0, CE1, CE2, CE3, and CE4. The first category i.e., CE0 has a visible light transmission of 80-100%, which is the least type of CE that is marked on glasses. This category is only able to prevent the UV rays by 0-20% such that it is only considered as glasses instead of sunglasses. The second category, CE1, has a visible light transmission of 43-80% and is able to prevent light rays by 20-57%. They are the most basic category of sunglasses and are one of the best options to wear modishly on a cloudy day. The third category, CE2, has a visible light transmission of 18-43% such that it is able to block 57-82% of the harmful rays. These sunglasses are suitable for a partly cloudy days. This category is known as driving sunglasses and provides the person a clear view of the surroundings. The fourth category, CE3, is the most common one and has a visible light transmission of 8-18%. These sunglasses are capable of blocking 82 to 92% of the UV rays. These glasses are best on a sunny day, and you can even wear them on beaches to prevent sunlight that causes irritation in your eyes. Lastly, the fifth category, CE4, has 3-8% of visible light transmission, the lenses used in these glasses are of the highest value and block about 92-97% of the UV light rays. At heightened places, with sharp sunlight, these glasses are the best ones as they block the maximum of the sunlight and provides your eyes with a clear view. The shades and tones of these five categories are as follows:

Figure 3 Five Categories of UV glasses (VAIN)

Benefits of UV Protection

Many of you may already be aware of the fact that when you stay out in sun for a long time, you are probable to get sunburns and irritation on the skin. Nonetheless, that is not the only harm that UV rays have, they can penetrate through your eyes and cause irritation, redness, burns, and grittiness. Many people who have sensitive eyes or suffer from any eye situation can exhibit worse symptoms when exposed to UV light rays. The symptoms or consequences of this exposure might look like a temporary issue to many people. However, that is not the case, because in the long run these rays lead to creating cataracts and macular degeneration in the eyes. Thus, to avoid such medical conditions and enjoy the views of nature for a long time, it is recommended that people should use UV400 sunglasses that can purify the light while allowing you to view the world through a high dimension lens. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a pair of CE4 or CE3 category sunglasses to have a clearer and healthier vision of your surroundings.

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