Many women hate going swimsuit shopping since it may be challenging to determine which sort of bathing suit is suitable for each body shape. However, this process need not be uncomfortable! The secret is just knowing where to hunt for beautiful swimwear and being aware of the many ways that various cuts, styles, and materials effect your body shape. 

Ladies, pay attention: Shopping for a bathing suit doesn’t have to be that difficult. Knowing your body type and what works best for it is crucial. Of course, a few additional tactics are useful. It also helps to bring a buddy. It’s wonderful to have a friend you can trust to provide moral support and frank criticism. And go shopping while you’re in a good mood. Avoid eating a heavy meal prior since your stomach can be distended. Finding your perfect fit requires dedication, so give yourself lots of time and be patient.

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For every sort of body type, from curvier forms to sporty body types, we’ve broken down the best types of swimsuits in the sections below. These styles, whether they are a playful monokini, a traditional belted one-piece, or a beautiful bikini, are certain to end up in your shopping basket.

swimsuits by body type

Athletic Body Type

Straight-up-and-down frames are a sign of athletic or rectangular body types. If you want to accentuate your curves, swimwear with ruffles, colorful designs, and cut-out embellishments is ideal since they provide the appearance of larger curves.

Athletic body types are often extremely toned, fit, and muscular, with small hips and strong arms. The most complementing alternatives are probably swimsuits with larger straps, one-shoulder styles, high-cut bottoms, and cutouts.

How to Choose a Bikini for your Athletic Body Shape

  • To draw attention away from the shoulders and onto the hips and legs, pair plain, dark shirts with elaborate, colorful bottoms.
  • Thick straps are preferable than skinny straps when it comes to broad shoulders.
  • Plunging necklines highlight cleavage while minimizing wide shoulders.
  • Long legs will be highlighted with high-side and tie-side bottoms, which also define the hips.
  • High-waist bottoms or a monokini with a curve-enhancing cutout will define petite hips and broader waists.
  • Avoid sleeveless or bandeau shirts since they might distort the appearance of broad shoulders.
  • Embrace ruched bottoms and a cheek-baring cut to accentuate the contour of a petite butt.

Rectangular Body Type

If your shoulders and hips are both equally wide and your waist lacks or lacks definition, you have a rectangle body type. Your body is rather straight and doesn’t have many curves, giving you an androgynous appearance. The secret is to pick a swimsuit that emphasizes your waist and gives your upper and lower body more fullness.

Bikini for a Rectangle-Shaped Body

  • Choose a triangle-shaped top to counterbalance square shoulders. Try a push-up bikini bra with fringes, frills, or tassels, a halter-neck bikini bra with padding or without padding, or a basic bikini bra. The bust is accentuated with geometric, tropical, floral, and splotchy designs. Select a really attractive balconette top to add femininity to your look.
  • Choose bottoms with frilly borders, side knots, or belts on bikini bottoms to accentuate your curves. Also, excellent choices are bold patterns and graphic prints.
  • One-piece, deep-cut swimsuits with low necklines are the designs that you can experimented with. Molokini’s with side cuts are ideal for defining your waist.

Triangular and Inverted Rectangle Body Type

The lower part of a triangle- or pear-shaped figure carries the majority of its weight. Wider hips and thighs combined with a narrower waist and shoulder region often characterize this body type. If this describes you, look for bikinis that will highlight your shoulders and upper body. While molded cups fill up your bustline to assist balance out your lower body, features like broader straps and halter tops emphasize the shoulders. Using a statement piece swimsuit to balance out your physique and pull the eye upward might work effectively for you. Your swimsuit’s top embellishments, such as ruffles, might help provide some aesthetic vibe.

Bikini for an Inverted/Rectangle-Shaped Body Type

If your shoulders are wider than your hips, you have an inverted triangle body type. With a small bust and bottom, you have an athletic, slightly masculine body that is frequently seen on models. The bikini that would look best on you will accentuate your feminine form.

  • a triangle-shaped top to highlight your collarbone. Depending on the size of your bust, it might have thin straps knotted at the neck and either underwire or padding.
  • Shorts, bigger side bikinis, side-tied models, designs, pompons, frills, tassels, and vertical stripes.  Pick a bath suit that will create volume and highlight your lower body.
  • Choose an asymmetrical style, such as one shoulder or a plunging neckline with straps that tie at the neck, if you like a one-piece swimsuit.

Hourglass Body Type

Shapes with a smaller waist and a curvier top and bottom are typical of an hourglass body. It’s usually hard to find hourglass figures in stores. Clothing that fits around the waist, especially one-pieces and dresses, tends to be too small for the wearer’s bust and hips whereas clothing that is large enough to accommodate these curves might be too baggy in the waist. 

Bikini for an Hourglass Body Type

  • In order to avoid any slip-ups, we advise top-heavy ladies to opt for a top and brand that gives appropriate support and covering. Tops with underwires are usually a fantastic choice, especially if you have a huge bust. 
  • The bandeau, and balconette all look great on you! You may wear anything you choose to wear, including patterns, fringes, and bright colors. You should experiment with current trends like crop tops and other unique looks!
  • Bikini bottoms with high legs and Brazilian cuts, low waist scrunches, side knots, and extremely thin sides will highlight your ideal form.
  • Swimwear that plays with transparent and textured materials, such as monokinis and one-pieces. You may dress anyway you like!

Oval and Diamond Body Type

Your slim body type features larger hips, smaller shoulders, and a wider waist. Here are some pointers for stunning swimsuit designs with diamond body shape garments because you are a woman of exceptional beauty.

  • On a neutral, dark backdrop, select solid colors.
  • Put on a long Tankini top or a one-piece swimsuit with shoulder straps.
  • Try V-necklines to emphasize your breasts.
  • To attract attention higher, mix the neckline embellishments and binding.

Pear Shape Body Type

Finding the right balance between the top and lower body dimensions is key to selecting swimwear that flatters. A pear-shaped physique often has a proportionately hefty bottom. So, in order to counterbalance that, you’re trying to lower the waist, add more volume and curves to the top, and detract attention from the hips. You may achieve this by selecting some swimsuit options while ignoring others.

Bikini for a Pear Shape Body Type 

  • Fit is crucial in this case; if you have a pear-shaped body, many one-piece swimsuits are either too tight below or too loose above. There are several fantastic one-piece choices available. 
  • Be on the lookout for styles with lots of covering below and eye-catching necklines and accents up top.
  • Bandeau tops without straps are ideal for Pear-shaped women, and padded bikini tops and push-up bikinis with eye-catching patterns, intricate designs, and sensuous, exposed necklines all work wonders for highlighting your bust’s natural contours. 
  • A smart technique to increase overall volume up top is to experiment with bikini textures and ruffles.

Large Busts Body Type

It’s important to have adequate support and covering for a huge bust. A swimsuit with a straight across cut at the top and widely spaced straps is one that looks good. For more support, choose a bikini top with an underwire and a wide breast band. Shopping for bathing suits may be incredibly unpleasant for someone with a naturally big breast because swimwear seldom provides covering and never has enough support.

Small Bust Body Type

Finding the best swimsuits for small busts can be difficult. You can typically find the ideal fit for your body type by simply sizing up or down when it comes to swim bottoms. So which swimsuit design is ideal for small boobs? Consider all the more revealing bathing suits and plunging necklines you can wear without feeling overexposed rather than focusing on the cups you don’t fill. Simple triangle tops are suitable for smaller busts.

Figure 8 Body Type

If your shoulders and hips are in line and your waist is well defined, you have an 8-type body shape. You have a curvier form with a rounder breast and hips as opposed to an X-type physique. Your body form is perfect, with well-balanced, attractive feminine curves.

Bikini for a Figure 8 Body Type

  • A halter-neck or balconette top with underwires to support you and highlight your best features. You may choose printed or plain.
  • Bottoms: Whether or not they are low-waisted, high-leg, or have knots at the hips, bikini bottoms will accentuate your body. High-waisted pants that will enhance your tiny waist and envelop your curves are another something we advise. Pin-up effect is certain!
  • Monokinis or one-piece swimsuits featuring underwire and a V-neckline.