UV400 Shades by Shari Dionne Sunglasses

Do Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes?

Today, sunglasses are truly a dime a dozen. They can be discovered anywhere from your local supermarket, dollar shop, and discount shopping center to high end stores, specialized sunglass stores and outlet stores. However, individuals who are spending tons of money on sunglasses are not always getting better protection than the individual who paid one dollar for a pair.

Effective sunglasses will have appropriate UV defense. This is what secures the user’s eyes from damaging UV rays. Ultra Violet, or UV light increases the probability of cataracts, macular degeneration of the retina and loss of sight. To avoid these conditions, sunglass lenses need to be covered with UV defense. Today, the industry standard for sunglasses is UV400. This safeguards your eyes from about 98 percent of the suns hazardous UV rays.

Today, a lot of the glasses we wear have an unique UV coating to secure our eyes, even if the lenses are clear. But there are also other things sunglasses do to safeguard your eyes. For people who work out of doors or invest a lot
of time on the water or snow, then polarized sunglasses are what are needed. These provide a great amount of glare protection and coincidently the very same man who developed the Polaroid camera, Edwin Land, developed the polarized sunglasses.

However for many individuals it is not really about defense. It is about style. So there are now lots of designer shades that offer just as much protection. Therefore, purchase something you like and looks excellent on you, but ensure to keep an eye on the UV protection ranking.

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