The Aviator Sunglasses

It’s time to invest in a good pair of sunglasses. The Aviator is a traditional go-to style. When it comes to sunglasses, the Aviator is one of the top trending styles, if not the most famous model. They’re unique and may be seen anywhere from our TV screens to street style. As Bausch & Lomb tried to develop the ideal pair of sunglasses, they discovered that a teardrop shape was the only appealing option to totally cover the entire eye and shield it from the sunlight. When these glasses were first created, they were instantly named “Aviators,” and soon, every pilot was using them. Soon after, outdoor enthusiasts began to buy these sunglasses as a fashion accessory to wear.

It hasn’t changed much; the A G-15 lens aids in reducing glare and increasing color contrast. This was quickly picked up by the film industry. On the big screen, The Aviator is a superstar! In several Hollywood films, gracing various faces, but most memorably Tom Cruise. Since then, the style has been one of the most popular years after year. Check out our Top Gun Aviator sunglasses.

Aviators were born in the world of men, but that does not give them a gender card; they work equally well on women. After all, a little macho and coolness in women can’t be bad. Some aviators, however, look better on men than on women, depending on the design. Because women’s faces are smaller than men’s, aviators with narrower lens widths may look good on women.

The Shape of Aviator

The form is what distinguishes an aviator. It has a teardrop shape that narrows as it goes down towards the cheeks. It then returns to a position near the nose. In many situations, the lens bends too much towards the center of the lens, providing a broader field of view while also protecting against UV rays. However, as time passes and fashions change, the Aviator has evolved into a variety of designs. The frame can be made of a variety of materials. The depth of the lens varies, as does the thickness of the rim. This has resulted in some stunning looks that we adore.

Will It Look Good on my Face Shape?

Some believe that aviator sunglasses are best suited to those who have an oval or square facial shape. They will, thankfully, fit most facial types and are especially flattering on people with oval, square, or heart-shaped features. When looking at aviators, people with a rectangle face should be cautious. Because of the depth of the lens, this can sometimes distort the form of your face. They are giving you the appearance of having a longer face than usual. If you want sunglasses that fit you, you should avoid this. We suggest experimenting with several aviator styles. It’s not the end of the world if one style doesn’t work for you. Many distinct aviator fashions have emerged over the years. If the lens on one design is too deep, there is a shorter rounder shape to try.

Aviators look best whether the lenses are conventional or reflecting. Wearing aviators with colored lenses in green, blue, or pink has been fashionable throughout the years. We do, however, recommend a more subtle and polished traditional design. Don’t feel obligated to wear the original shape. If standard aviators are too big for your face, there are different frames depth available to choose from.