5 Ways To Test If Your Sunglasses Are Polarized

The Science Behind Polarization Light waves from the sun, or other artificial light such as a light bulb, vibrate and radiate outward in all directions. Polarized filters are most commonly made of a chemical film applied to a transparent plastic or glass surface. The chemical compound used will typically be composed of molecules that naturally […]

Does The Color of Sunglass Lenses Matter?

Generally speaking, when it comes to shielding your eyes from harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays, the color of your sunglasses lens doesn’t matter. Lenses that provide adequate protection are treated with a colorless UV-absorbing coating and this coating can be added to whatever colored tint you choose for your lenses. A clear lens can block light […]

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

Although people have always been inclined to spend long hours on their desktop or mobile devices, the arrival of the pandemic in 2020 has skyrocketed the amount of time people spend online. During the lockdown, almost every aspect of our lives went online since that was the only means for us to connect to the […]

Polarized Sunglasses: Everything You Need to Know

Choosing the right glasses might be difficult. Take some time to consider a few items if you want to be completely happy with your investment. For example, you may discover that purchasing polarized sunglasses rather than normal sunglasses is more cost-effective. If you’re not sure what polarization is or why you could benefit from your […]

Why You Need a Pair of Blue Light Blocking Glasses Now

What is Blue Light? Blue light might be technical jargon for many of you, but after reading this it won’t remain as an unknown concept for you. Blue light, in technical terms, refers to any light rays of UV rays that are transmitted through digital devices or gadgets. These rays exist both inside your house […]

UV400 Sunglasses: Everything You Should Know About UV Protection

What Are UV400 Sunglasses? The famous saying of Walt Whitman goes as, “Keep your face towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you”. Don’t let the saying fool you because it has a hidden meaning to it, because sunshine can surely affect your eyes. The harmful rays of the sun, namely ultraviolet alpha […]

Celebrities Known For Their Sunglasses

People frequently ask us this question: What glasses are celebs wearing? Each celebrity has a distinct fashion sense. A Kim Kardashian style of sunglasses is often an enormous pair of aviator shades, whereas a Taylor Swift style of sunglasses is typically a colorful variety of wayfarer style shades, and so on. The majority of celebs […]

What Types of Sunglasses Are Best For Baseball? UV400 or Polarized

Baseball is a bat-and-ball sport played on a field by two teams of nine players against each other. Needless to say, it is an outdoor sports and it is usually played during the summer. Baseball can be a very challenging game to play and can be even more difficult when weather plays a factor in […]

Best Sunglasses For Water Sports: Polarized vs. UV400

Why Do You Need Sunglasses for Water Sports Water sports are activities that are full of fun and adventure. If you play or enjoy these water activities, you know how tiring glare from the water’s surface can be on your eyes. Glare is caused by a difference in brightness between whatever you want to look […]

Which Sunglasses are best for Golf: UV400 or Polarized?

The best sunglasses for golf Golf is a visually challenging game in the sense that it requires a golfer, whether experienced or amateur, to have high quality vision. Due to the fact that it is an outdoor sport, a lot of conditions like different lighting, course distances, backgrounds and wind can impact the performance of […]

How To Pick Sunglasses That Fit Your Face

How To Pick Sunglasses That Fit Your Face Sunglasses not only finish off an outfit, they also create a style all on their own. Finding a pair that is just right is extremely satisfying, and rewarding. And, that perfect pair isn’t only about style; it’s also about the fit on your face. The key to […]

Glasses That Protect Our Eyes From Computer Screens

With the arrival of the pandemic and the new normal of people working from home and spending a lot of time online connecting with family and friends, we find ourselves looking at our computer/phone screens for long periods of time. A recent research confirms that 80% of Americans spend at least 2 hours on their […]

Can Sunglasses Block Blue Lights?

Sunglasses have been in existence since the pre-historic times. They are designed to protect from bright sunlight that causes discomfort to the human eyes by blocking harmful rays. They are also used as visual aids as they improve visual clarity and comfort by protecting our eyes from glare. From the 1930s, sunglasses have become very […]

How to Choose The Right Sunglasses That Suit Your Face

When it comes to sunglasses, asides from the fact that a perfect fit is more flattering in appearance, it’s also more comfortable and will best protect your eyes from the sun.      As a general rule, when picking which shape or style of sunglasses to buy, you should choose frames that contrast the geometry of […]

6 Amazing Benefits of Sunglasses

         Asides from their status as a style or fashion accessory, sunglasses have a lot of health benefits for your eyes. Eye care is really important for our overall health, particularly since we rely on our eyesight every day. The American Optometric Association says you should always wear your sunglasses anytime you are exposed to […]

Top Fashion Color Trends Of 2022

          Post-pandemic fashion is leaving pre-pandemic style far behind. In the recent past, consumers looked towards glamorous movie stars, professional athletes, TikTokers and other celebrities for clues about color trends. Nowadays, consumers care less and less about them. The pandemic-weary people are now concerned – first and foremost- on their own wellbeing and how the […]

UV 400 Sunglasses

What You Should Know About UV400 Sunglasses While shopping for sunglasses online and in stores, you’ve probably seen tags or descriptions on sunglasses claiming some percentage of UV protection but didn’t really understand what UV protection is all about or the importance of shielding your eyes from harmful rays. In this article, we will be […]

Aviator Sunglasses

The Aviator Sunglasses It’s time to invest in a good pair of sunglasses. The Aviator is a traditional go-to style. When it comes to sunglasses, the Aviator is one of the top trending styles, if not the most famous model. They’re unique and may be seen anywhere from our TV screens to street style. As […]

Polarized Sunglasses or UV400 Sunglasses: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Right Sunglasses For You

Polarized Sunglasses or UV400 Sunglasses: The Ultimate Guide to choosing the Right Sunglasses for You While most of us look at style, trend, shape and beauty when choosing the type of sunglasses to buy, it is important to note that those are not the only things to consider when shopping for sunglasses. It is necessary […]

How Are Sunglasses Measured?

How Are Sunglasses Measured? When it comes to sunglasses, getting the perfect fit is essential. No matter how stylish or protective the sunglasses are, it won’t serve it’s purpose if it’s not the right size. The key measurements that describe sunglasses sizes are the: Eye size Bridge size Temple length. Frame measurements are specified in […]

8 Tips for Choosing the Best Sunglasses in 2022

8 Tips for Choosing the Best Sunglasses in 2022 Choosing the correct sunglasses takes time and lots of effort. Sunglasses are essential eyewear for reducing brightness and protecting your vision from harmful UV rays. More specifically, a high-quality pair of sunglasses will not only have you oozing confidence, but will instead equip you to face […]

Top Sunglasses Trends of 2022

Top Sunglasses Trends of 2022 Because we know you’re looking for new sunglasses styles to add to your year-round collection, we won’t skimp on the trends you’ll want to learn about. We searched the runways and evaluated the latest arrivals from our favorite eyewear labels — Oliver Peoples, Poppy Lissiman, Linda Farrow, Le Specs, Shari […]

Blue Light Vs. Anti-Reflective Lenses: What’s the Difference?

Blue Light Vs. Anti-Reflective Lenses: What’s the Difference? Choosing the proper glasses might appear to be a difficult task. There’s a lot more to picking stylish frames; you have to select the right glasses for you and selecting the correct coatings for your lifestyle. One often asked the question is, “What is the difference between […]

Polarized Sunglasses – What’s The Big Deal?

Polarized Sunglasses – What’s The Big Deal? Polarized sunglasses are a big deal, however many people do not know why. When you see sunglasses marketed as polarized sunglasses you may not understand what this indicates. You probably think that normal sunglasses are simply as good, so why bother paying the extra expense to have polarized […]

Do Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes?

Do Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes? Today, sunglasses are truly a dime a dozen. They can be discovered anywhere from your local supermarket, dollar shop, and discount shopping center to high end stores, specialized sunglass stores and outlet stores. However, individuals who are spending tons of money on sunglasses are not always getting better protection than […]

The History of Sunglasses

The History of Sunglasses At any time of year, sunglasses should be a part of your day-to-day heath-consciousness regimen. Sunglasses are not just for summer seasons on the coastline any longer, or simply for looking cool. Furthermore, designer sunglasses are no more simply for rich movie celebrities. Sunglasses are critical in safeguarding your eyes from […]

Top Selling Shades