Our Mission

Shari Dionne is a brand committed to excellence and quality. We cultivate powerful fashion statements through eyewear and encourage individuality. We understand that we live in a culturally diverse universe and thus have been inspired to create a line of eyewear to cater to a broad spectrum of people. What better way to incorporate art in to your everyday style. We are more than just an eyewear brand we are a lifestyle. Get ready to look into the future with shades by Shari Dionne.

Our Philosophy

As the new name in the luxury eyewear industry, Shari Dionne has shown and proved how passion and the endurance of personal belief and pursuit can build a famous brand. Dreaming big means achieving big. Staying true to your style and beliefs is the essence of the success that leads to market presence and demand.

Look Into The Future With Shades by Shari Dionne!

Our Story

So how did the story of Shari Dionne happen? The brand was birthed out of a love story, a relationship between two people, who were traveling a lot and exploring the world. As a couple that first met in Dallas, Will Nickens Jr. and Shari Dionne instantly found that they have a lot of shared interests. Will’s interests in marketing and Shari’s interests in fashion were more than enough for them to look for a venture that would later result in a luxury eyewear brand. As a fashionista and a person who pays a lot of attention to her style, eyewear has always been a part of Shari’s outfits. Her style has been described as eye-catching and unique. So much so that she made an impression on people everywhere she went. On their travels, Shari would get random acknowledgments about her style, especially when it came to her choice in eyewear. Exploring the fashion and trends in all the places the couple traveled, sparked the inspiration to focus on something that was part of Shari, and that was the eyewear. And just like that, the Shari Dionne eyewear brand was born. 

Today, the brand is based in Los Angeles, the place that many consider the best trend-setting scene. With that in mind and the special nod to luxury fashion, Shari Dionne instantly oriented the brand towards providing luxury and fashionable shades at an affordable price. The design of these luxurious shades was the mixture of several things that the co-founders had in mind. 

First thing was to add an extravagant vibe to the shades. Since the market already offers an abundance of eyewear, standing out from that pool was only possible by going with unique styles. Although the classic models have always been praised and in demand, the brand decided to go with a luxury touch to create the perfect balance between the trendy and the classic, with a sprinkle of sparkle. That was the main inspiration and motivation for the creation of each piece that would later reflect on the packaging and the entire style of the brand. 

The second important thing Will and Shari had in mind was the quality. Since the design of the shades was already defined, the next thing was to blend it with exceptional quality, something that the wearer would benefit from. They decided to go with glasses that would protect against UV light and blue light. Both fashionable and safe, these eyewear pieces turned out to be the results that Will and Shari were looking for. Combining the style and the function came next in line in the brand’s development ideas, resulting in quick acknowledgment and popularity among celebrities and famous people. 

Shari Dionne Nickens


Will Nickens Jr., MBA